I am an autonomous designer for production processes in a very low-tech way. I'm looking for some kind of methods to make the world a little better and to research lo-fi techniques.
Three core values are central to this: the manufacturing process, a critical attitude towards existing production and design technologies, and finding solutions for new problems that arise from this critical attitude.

I am driven by curiosity, play and frustration. I am curious about how things are made, how I can make things myself and how I can tactilely understand how things are put together. In addition, play is a driving force, in which I mainly experiment without a preconceived plan and without judgment. That often leads to a kind of result that surprises me and feeds curiosity: a controlled serendipity. I am driven by the frustration of systems that I experience as harmful and want to change.
I graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2022 and am currently defining my professional practice. I see myself as an autonomous designer.
The material experiment is the basis of all assignments that I do, whether they are self-initiated or commissioned. Every project starts from my motivations of curiosity and frustration.

Ruben Warnshuis